What Should Be Checked During A Roof Inspection Near Me

Have you noticed the first signs of a roof leak? Are you starting to stress out and worry about the condition of your roof? We are here to reduce your stress. The truth is, you don’t know the real condition of your roof until you call a roof inspection company near me to inspect your roof and assess the current condition of your home.

Typical roof inspection services near me include some important things that your roof inspection company should check during the free roof inspection. This article will tell you about the seven things your roof inspection company looks for during a roof inspection near me.

1. Your attic’s ventilation

The first thing your roof inspection company should check is your attic. If your roof attic is not properly ventilated it can cause condensation and drastically shorten your roof’s lifespan.

2. Visible roof leaks

Roof inspection companies near me will look for any leaks that leave water stains on your ceiling. Depending on the damage extent they may recommend a roof repair or replacement.

3. The condition of your roof’s decking

Once the contractor gets on top of your roof during the free roof inspection near me, they will assess the roof’s decking. They’ll see if it’s spongy or solid underneath their feet.

4. Roofing vents

No matter what kind of vent you have, your roof inspection company will have a look at that. For example, if you have gable, soffit, or ridge vents, they will be checked during the roof inspection near me.

5. Roof shingles

Roof shingles are probably the most important thing that provides the protection and integrity of your roof. Your roof inspection company will see if the roof shingles are in a poor condition, let’s say they are deteriorating, losing granules, or are loose or discolored. They will also inspect a roof for leaks.

6. Roof’s penetration and skylights

Roof elements that penetrate the roof or stick out through it may compromise its performance and cause roof leaks if not isolated properly. During the roof inspection near me, your roof inspection company will check all the penetrations and skylights to ensure they are staying leak-free.

7. Your chimney

Your chimney may also be considered a roof penetration but there are multiple things a roof inspection company will check out. They’ll check the flashing, the mortar, and the chimney cap. If anything is wrong with these areas, your roof inspection companies near me may offer you a flashin replacement.