How To Prevent Wind Damage?

If you live in a storm-prone area, preparation and planning are practical things you can do to prevent wind damage. Your home is one of your biggest expenditures, so you should take every step to prevent the dangers that strong winds can bring. The following checklist will help you revise all the weak spots that need to be double-checked.


Performing annual roof inspections can help you maintain the satisfactory condition of your roof. And prior to the strong winds coming, a properly maintained roof will be able to save you from excessive property damage. The primary thing you’ll want to look for is damaged shingles. You should fix them to restore the structural integrity of your roof to protect your home from wind damage.

Windows and Doors

If there is a windstorm warning, verify that your shutters are sturdy and in good condition. The fasteners should be durable and have installed locks on them. If you don’t have shutters for your windows, you can board them up. Double-check that your doors are durable and the deadbolts are functioning correctly.

Garage Door

Don’t forget about your garage. A garage door is one of the more vulnerable areas for wind damage as they don’t have the reinforcement to fight strong winds. The wind inside your garage can create a pushing motion, and the wind outside of the structure generates a negative pull. When this happens, your roof and garage will experience increased pressure which presents the risk of collapsing. If you want to prevent wind damage, you can buy a kit to secure your garage door to endure high wind conditions.

Your Property

It’s necessary to prepare your property for a windstorm too. Remove from your yard any items that aren’t fastened to the ground like kid’s toys, garden accessories, and patio furniture. Put it away in a safe location for the windstorm period so it doesn’t cause wind damage. Picked-up objects might be carried miles away by strong winds. Moreover, look through your bushes and trees for any hanging branches and cut them if needed.

Wind Damage Repair Services – Call ARR Contractors

Extreme winds can cause a lot of wind damage, which should be repaired immediately if you want to prevent further damage and expensive repairs. If you’re in need of wind damage repair services, call ARR Contractors. Our professional contractors can repair your home as soon as possible and restore wind damage.