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Why use ARR Contractors for General Contracting, Insurance Claim or Exterior Storm Restoration?

We provide an additional layer of security, peace of mind, and supervision over the work at your home or business, instead of having You to rely solely on the word of a roofing company.

ARR Contractors will agree to coordinate the operate between multiple trades to minimize any inconvenience to the homeowner throughout the restoration process. By using our company as a General Contractor Plano TX, you will be provided with complete project management. This includes taking decision on hiring competent special subcontractors, determine whether or not they can do the complete project for the offered settlement prices, make sure they pull the permits, coordinate different labor crews around each other and ensure they show up and perform the hired task.

ARR Contractors Plano TX will ensure that their all stipulations were done in an acceptable workmanship manner, and in accordance to the building codes taking full responsibility for down payments and warranty.

Our professional team has over twenty years of experience, and has helped thousands of clients to manage their projects. As a General Contractor Plano TX we will save the homeowner the stress, and the worry of having multiple specialty trade contractors who asks for down payments, and then not meet the requirements they were hired to do. We will bid the work using Xactimate pricing. Xactimate is the leading insurance industry pricing database. All major insurance premiums of the RCV policy cover the Replacement Cost Value for the repairs and additional expense of a General Contractor Plano TX.

Why chose ARR Contractors as General Contractor Plano TX - job coordinator as GC (General Contractor Plano TX) - job coordinator? We understand that you have one HOME, which is our number one priority to restore your HOME to the condition it was before the storm. We strongly believe that our company can put back the time in your schedule by coordinating all this work for you, supervise all the crews, and inspect that their work is completed in a good workmanship manner, and offer your our own warranties. We create a proper scope of repairs by making sure the self-interested insurance companies restore everything that was damaged.

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News from ARR Contractors as Roof Restoration Company in the Dallas - Fort Worth Area

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A Roofer vs. General Contractor Roofing Near Me

When it is time to repair your roof and you start to look for a roof repair service, you might find many options available to you. There are a roofer, a roofing company, and a general contractor roof repair near me on the market. From this article, you will find out about the differences between them and figure out the best option for yourself.


Roofers often work in a crew for roofing contractors to perform roof repairs, roof replacements and roof installations and etc. All roofers must be certified and licensed and follow the safety requirements and roofing installation procedures. But this depends on your state regulations. They usually are not involved in the design or planning associated with your new roof, nor in the financial aspects of your roofing project.

Roofing Company

Roofing companies (also known as roofing contractors) know exactly how to manage various aspects of the roof installation process. Roofing crews have the knowledge and skills to tackle difficult or complex projects, address unexpected challenges that can come up along the way. All roofing company’s employees work together to coordinate the project and ensure the job is completed on time and on budget. They use their prior experience in roofing projects to accurately estimate the cost of each job as well as to choose the right type of materials needed.

Roofing contractors rarely collaborate with subcontractors and prefer to perform the work themselves. Roofing contractors should also be able to provide you with a list of references that upon your request.

General Contractor Roofing Near Me

As the name suggests, a general contractor roof repair near me is a company that may be involved in many different aspects of the construction business in various types of projects - residential, commercial, and industrial.

Terms “general contractor roofing near me” and “roofing company near my” might be sometimes used interchangeably. Often the main difference between the two is the broader spectrum of the services the general contractor provides. You will find not only roof solutions but plenty of solutions for your home. General contractors are responsible for hiring trustworthy subcontractors to perform the repairs or replacement.

ARR Contractors, as a general contractor Plano TX roof repair near me, has extensive experience in roofing. Call us at (972) 266-6677 if you have any questions.

News from ARR Contractors as General Contractor Roofing Near Me in the Dallas TX

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Roof Restoration, Leak Repair and All Exterior Services from ARR Contractors.

All Exterior Services from ARR Contractors will guaranty excellent customer service, quality workmanship and extended warranty.

Our team of roofers and field professionals are licensed and most experienced across all of the DFW Metroplex. We train our staff to thoroughly assess the situation to achieve proper results for an affordable price.
Roof Calculator Price

ARR Contractors is recognized as a leader in the roofing industry.

For your complete protection, ARR Contractors is fully licensed, bonded, and insured (972) 266-6677.
This coverages protect your fully and you financial interests in the event of injury or property damage during your roofing project.
Roof Calculator Price

Residential, commercial roofing and general contractor company PLano TX.

ARR Contractors as GC - job coordinator for the residential roofing projects completes, We only install asphalt shingles made by best world manufacturers like GAF, Owens Corning, Temco, Atlas, Iko, CertainTeed Roofing. Our company can install a wide range of many different roof styles, such as Asphalt shingles, Composition shingles, Residential flat roofing systems, Light metal, roofing systems, slate and tile. There are a variety of different colors and shades to match your home’s architectural design. We also install long-lasting metal roofs that can increase your home’s value.

Insurance claim, claim process roofing requirements.

ARR Contractors abides by the rules of the State of Texas is financially secure. Our company team members meet all education and experience requirements. Our company meets and exceeds most liability insurance requirements. ARR Contractors abides by the rules of the State of Texas abides by the rules of the State of Texas established for the protection of the public.

ARR Contractors works / cooperates with all major insurance providers works / cooperates with all major insurance providers. We guaranty an independent evaluation, including proper scope that is required to complete restoration to the manufacturer specification and local ordinance. Typically the adjuster from your insurance company makes an estimate and does not consider all of the damages, our company will work with your insurance carrier to make sure your covered repairs are taken care of right way and no corners were cut when during construction. Most of the time insurance adjusters are not general contractor Plano TX professionals with very minimal field experience and are not able to properly evaluate necessary steps of repairs. They fail to look beyond physical and direct damages and miss all consequential repairs. They will not offer warranty on the work and will save as much money as possible for the company they work for. It is only our experience and knowledge will yield more work for the company and most benefit for your property, because we are local good General Contractor in Plano Texas.

The main factors affecting cost of storm repairs: Hail, Wind, Fire and Water damage. All the above reasons covered by most home insurance policies in the state of Texas. Let us, your local general contractor in Plano TX.

Leaking roof repairs due to storm related damages.

Common reasons and areas why your Roof is leaking:

News from ARR Contractors as Residential and Commercial Roofing Company in the DFW Area

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Fence, Siding, Windows and Gutter services - Installation, maintenance and full replacement.

Our partners are fully insured and were selected individually, based on their experience and years in business.

All additional trades are qualified and supervised throughout the process until completed.

Whether you are looking for Premium materials for your fencing project, or low maintenance vinyl siding. We can offer seamless factory painted 6-inch gutters with over-sized down spouts and leaf guards for your next project. Maybe foggy or broken windows are on the to do list. ARR Contractors as GC (General Contractor Plano TX) will coordinate professional partners to present all available options based on your needs and budget.
Fence Calculator Service

We will help you select best affordable option after we complete our free inspection.

During your free consultation, our installer will determine your enclosure needs, measure your yard, and present custom design options. Upon completion ARR Contractors will do a final walk through to make sure you are completely satisfied with our work and warranties.

Siding repair, siding installation - for residential and commercial property.

Wind storm and hail can critically damage the exterior of your home. Strong winds can rip multiple sheets off at a time and rain can flood and damage your walls, insulation and flooring. Hail can crack vinyl, chip hardy plank and stucco exteriors. Hail creates splatter and penetrates through the water protective layer on all painted composite materials.

As soon as you see a problem with your exterior wall, ask ARR Contractors as GC (General Contractor Plano TX) for free inspection and repairs as GC (General Contractor Plano TX) for free inspection and repairs. The sooner we identify and preform emergency repairs, the less likely it will cause excessive water damages. Our team of professionals siding installation will be able to select, match and install any kind of siding your desire and meet your deadlines as requested.

After we inspect your home, we'll create a proposal for the work needed, also we will work with your insurance company to help file a claim if the extent of the damages warrants a complete replacement. We service siding of all styles including: Natural Stone, Brick Veneers, Metal and Stone siding, Stone veneers, Stucco, Vinyl and Wood sidings. ARR Contractors provide warranty on all exterior wall jobs provide warranty on all exterior wall jobs including siding repairs and complete replacements.

For siding repair cost and siding materials you can use our siding calculator.

Finding the best siding companies near me is not always an easy task. But now you know what to look for in your perfect siding contractor. But if don’t want to waste your time on a search, you can contact ARR Contractors today and schedule a free siding inspection. ARR Contractors is a family-owned business dedicated to serving Plano area residents. We have decades of experience and many satisfied customers. Become one of them and contact us today to begin your siding repair!

Gutters installation and repair services.

Gutters Calculator Service

Most damages to the rainwater drainage system and downspouts are likely storm related. Leaves and other debris often separate gutters from the fascia and can clog downspouts. After rain drain system lose their ability to effectively carry water away from the roof, it creates significant damages to the exterior foundation and structure and interior damages. ARR Contractors experts will objectively inspect your rain drain systems experts will objectively inspect your rain drain systems to assess whether a repair or full replacement is needed in order to ensure the proper operation of your rainwater drainage system including downspouts.

Independent of you roofing system, we offer gutter replacement or gutter repairs on any commercial or residential properties. ARR Contractors offers mechanical and hand bent types of gutter, designs and colors offers mechanical and hand bent types of gutter, designs and colors. Our product is seamless with choices of factory painted aluminum or copper. ARR Contractors rain drain system services includes everything initial free inspection rain drain system services includes everything initial free inspection, removal and installation of a finished product.

General Contractor Plano TX Services - GC, Roofing, Fence, Siding, HVAC and more.

Quality our services in the reviews of our customers.

Calculator cost service

Using our calculator you can understand the approximate cost of roofing work

Storm restoration work order

Storm Damage Restoration service available 7/24

HVAC Services

Repair and maintenance air conditioning system

Estimate calculators

Roofing calculator cost

Roofing material for Residential:

Architectural Shingle
HD architectural shingle
Tile Roofing System
Metal Roofing System

Roofing System for Commercial:

EPDM Single-ply Roofing
TPO Single-ply Roofing
Metal Roofing

Estimat starting cost for roofing object:


How to use our roof calculator

To get a general idea of the cost for a fence replacement - Fence Price Calculator.

To estimate the amount of posts, rails, pickets, and hardware you need, enter your perimeter length, desired height, choice of material and color of the stain.

Wood type

White wood

Fence type:

Shadow fence
Board on board

Post type:


Fence height:



Fence estimat starting cost:


How to use our fence calculator

For gutter installation cost per foot and gutter material you can use our price calculator.

Gutters type:

Gutters system:

5 inch
6 inch

Gutters downspouts:

3 inch
4 inch

Select Gutters color:

Gutter estimat starting cost:


How to use our gutters calculator

Siding calculator.

Siding type:

Siding - hardboard
lap pattern - 8"
Fiber cement
lap siding - 8"


Siding estimat starting cost:



How to use our siding calculator