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What To Do If You Have Experienced Wind Damage?

In Texas, windstorms can happen without much warning at any time of the year. With their high-speed winds, windstorms can cause significant wind damage to homes.

What Damage Can Wind Do?

Small winds are usually harmless unless it turns into a windstorm. Consistent wind over time can cause wind damage to your home. The faster and more sustained the wind speeds, the more damage your home might experience. In each case, it will cost thousands of dollars in exterior repairs. You will want to immediately repair any wind damage to your home. The sooner you do, the less exposure to mold, structural insecurity, and pest invasions you might face.

If you are not sure what to do after a windstorm, follow this simple checklist.

Step 1. Report downed power lines

If a windstorm has downed a power line and your home has lost power, make sure to report this problem immediately to your local power utility or the police. For your safety, stay away from fallen or dangling power lines.

Step 2. Prevent further damage

If your home has experienced wind damage, you should take measures to prevent further damage as soon as possible. In fact, many home insurance policies require you to make repairs to prevent worsening of wind damage, for example patching a roof. If your roof is leaking and there is water damage, move all personal belongings away and remove excess water using a mop, broom, or pump.

Step 3. Contact a local roofing contractor

Assess your home from the ground and have a professional roofer look at your roof. Don’t try to climb up your roof as it might be dangerous and unsafe. A professional roofing company will provide a free wind damage inspection. A qualified professional can recommend to you what you need to do, such as removing debris, like fallen or broken branches, build-up of leaves, etc.

Step 4. File your insurance claim

Contact your home insurance company to start filing an insurance claim for any damage. If your belongings have been damaged, you should document the wind damage before you dispose of these items. Wait until after you have met with a claims representative or a roofing contractor. Take pictures of the damaged property prior to any repairs and write down supporting information.

If you have experienced Storm damage, ARR Contractors is here to help! Our roofing professional will visit your property, perform an inspection and assess your home in a timely manner.