Dirt Work Allen TX and land clearing Allen TX

Dirt work is the initial step in any new construction project. It is literally the foundation for the foundation! The ground must be prepared appropriately to prevent shifting ground (which can crack the concrete foundation of the building) and eliminate rainwater drainage problems. The ground should be cleared of tree roots that can get in the way of underground utilities. When you’re beginning a new construction project at your residential property or commercial property, it’s very likely that you’ll need to find a dirt work contractor. If you are looking for a contractor to perform dirt work Allen TX, call ARR Contractors today!

Here is how the dirt work Allen TX can be applied.

Land clearing Allen TX

Land clearing removes all plants and vegetation from the soil. This may include tree roots removal as well because root raking and stump removal diminish the likelihood of plants growing back in the area. Land clearing Allen TX is useful not only for foundation work but for clearing hunting trails, preventing the spread of forest fires. Land clearing Allen TX can also be used for clearing land that is intended for a farm, garden, or orchard.

Land grading

To avoid floods during heavy rains, houses and barns are built on a property’s highest point. But when the land doesn’t have natural hills or is in a low-lying area, dirt work Allen TX allows performing land grading to ensure that during heavy rains the water flows away from the building pad or foundation. Whether you’re planning to build a house, barn, garage, or shed, proper land grading during dirt work Allen TX will save you from many headaches in the future.

Berms, swales, retention and detention ponds

So land grading allows rainwater to move away from the building but you may want to collect and conserve that water or to help it flow into a pond where it won’t leave a soggy mess. Creating these channels and ponds also requires dirt work Allen TX, and at ARR Contractors, foundation work is one of our specialties. Our professional and knowledgeable team will help you create these berms, swales, retention and detention ponds with our efficient machinery.

Creating a construction entrance or driveway

Dirt work Allen TX is also useful for creating a construction entrance or doing foundation work for a new driveway. This also involves clearing the land of plants, land grading if necessary.