What Services Can a Roofing Company McKinney TX Provide?

Usually, a roofing company McKinney TX can provide their clients with multiple services related to roofing itself, as well as additional services for their client’s convenience. Depending on the roofing contractor’s specialization – residential roofing, commercial roofing, or both, the services will differ (local roofing services). From this article, you will learn about the main services you can get from a roofing company McKinney TX.

Residential Roofing Company McKinney TX

All residential roofs are unique and have various features – some are sloped while others are flat, moreover, roofs can be made of various materials. A residential roofing company McKinney TX typically will meet any of your roofing needs. Their services might include:

  • A roof inspection to assess any damage from a recent wind storm or simple aging.
  • Simple roof repairs, such as replacing damaged or missing shingles.
  • Roof restoration, that might include cleaning your roof and replacing cracked or lifted shingles, installing new gutters and etc.
  • Shingle replacements, in case your shingles are close to the end of their life span. A roofing company McKinney TX will remove and dispose of the old shingles, prepare your roof and install new shingles.
  • Emergency Repair, when unexpected damage occurs due to extreme weather conditions. An experienced roofing company McKinney TX will be ready to help you out with a roof leak or any damage caused by a storm, hail, or strong winds.

Commercial Roofing Services (local roofing services)

Like residential roofing companies, a commercial roofing company McKinney TX provides their clients with a wide variety of options to help maintain the functionality and durability of their commercial roof. These local roofing services include:

  • Maintenance Packages, as most commercial roofs are flat, debris and dirt can build up on the top of the commercial structure. Commercial roofing contractors typically offer a scheduled maintenance package that includes roof cleaning and inspection.
  • Repairing or replacing small sections is a common issue. Many of these problems might arise in areas where water collects, and it leads to damage quicker than other types of roofs.
  • Roof Replacement, because over time all commercial roofs will need to be replaced due to aging and wearing out.