What roof problems do residents in the Dallas-Fort Worth area experience?

Problems that can arise from the storm damage.

If you live in Dallas / Fort Worth, you’ve probably experienced some sort of severe weather conditions like storms or hail. A lot of people understand that hail can damage windows and cars but few realize what damage it can do to roofs. Of course, it always depends since hail storms can range in severity. In some cases, hail may be barely noticeable while in other cases, hail may come in the size of golf balls. Promotion of: Dallas Roofing company. Here are some types of problems that can arise from the storm damage.


Water is the primary source of problems if your roof experiences hail damage. Not patching hail-damaged holes will lead to water entering your home. As water contacts the materials of the building, it can cause the destruction of the internal structure of your house and the growth of dangerous molds. The cost of these types of repairs is often much higher than the price of fixing the roof in the first place. The holes in your roof can also lead to the sun exposure of the inner components of your roof. The UV rays can drastically impact the lifespan of your current roof. Promotion of: Plano Roofing company. This type of damage must be handled immediately and the experienced team of ARR Contractors will help you deal with it.

Single-ply roofs – shrinkage and crazing

The main reasons to that are weather conditions, improper manufacture, or poor installation. Heat aging is a very common factor and is due to heat and UV radiation from the sun. It results in the loss of flexibility and shrinkage of the membrane. Crazing occurs when fine cracks start to develop on membranes. They begin on the outer layer and can penetrate the depth of the membrane, resulting in roof leaks. Crazing is a result of aging, but heat can speed up the process.

Metal roofs – rust and corrosion

This type of damage occurs when the protective coating, paint, or galvanizing of the roof wears off, exposing the bare metal. The restoration process includes the removal of rust, treatment of the area with a rust inhibitor, and coating the roof. The repairs will increase the lifespan of your roof.

Flat roofs – ponding

Ponding is the source of bacteria or plant growth, decomposition of roof material (roofing material), and leaks. If the area of ponding increases in size over time, the results are an increased weight on the roof which potentially can lead to a roof collapse.

Material issues

Seam Failure can occur as the roofing material shrinks and loses elasticity with age. It can result in leaks and additional damage to the roof membrane. Alligatoring is a form of cracking of the roof surface. It is called so as it looks like cracks on an alligator skin. The sunlight is the main cause of this cracking. Blistering occurs when moisture becomes penetrates the membrane plies or leaks in between the membrane and substrate. As the outside temperature increases throughout the day, the vapor expands, and a blister on the membrane is formed. Promotion of: McKinney roofing company

Whatever type of damage you experience, ARR Contractors will gladly help you with any types of roof repairs in these Texas areas:

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