What Do General Contractors Near Me Do?

General contractor services near me are the kind of services that can encompass anything from plumbing to construction and remodeling projects. But what type of work are general contractors near me allowed to do? What licenses do they need to be allowed to work? Use this article as a guide to help you learn more about general contracting companies.

A general contractor is an entity that handles all aspects of a construction project, from hiring and supervising the subcontractors to securing building permits and performing inspections. In the state of Texas, remodeling contractors near me are required to be certified and insured.

The types of general contractor services that the company provides depend on the background experience of the specific general contractor. Remodeling contractors near me may have training and experience in various construction and remodeling projects.

What can general contractors near me do?

There are several subgroups within the construction business, each requiring a different skill set and experience. Each class determines what type of general contractor services a general contracting company may perform.

Class A: This class refers to general contractors near me who can complete large-scale construction projects. For example, a Class A contractor can work on a parking garage, a bridge, or a residential building.

Class B: Class B general contracting companies with a legal permit can build residential or commercial projects from the ground up. It involves remodeling and even building additions to buildings. Remodeling contractors near me would belong to this category.

Class C: A Class C general contractor specializes in one area of construction such as, for example, building elevators, mold remediation in a home, waterproof home, electricity-related jobs, etc.

How do I know if a general contracting company is licensed?

The licensing is crucial and a good indicator of the credibility of a general contractor. Customers can trust that a licensed remodeling contractor near me is reliable, knowledgeable, experienced, and qualified because their employees must have passed an exam to receive a license. Many general contracting companies make it easy for their customers to check their license by including their license number on their websites. Another source where you can check the license is the Contractor State License Board or equivalent in your area.