Top Locations Free Roof Inspection Companies Near Me Look At

Roof leaks are one of the most common problems homeowners face every season. They can be difficult to find. Moreover, different weather conditions will produce leaks in different locations on your roof and home. Anytime you suspect a roof leak, find free roof inspection companies near me to assess your home or building for signs of roof damage.

There are common locations the free roof inspection companies near me look at during their assessment of your roof. From this article, you’ll know more about these common locations for finding a roof leak.

The field of shingles

If your roof is old, the leak might be within the roof field. This means the expanse of shingles, slate, shakes, or other material. With regular asphalt shingles, look at the tops of the vertical knockouts and missing colored granules, cracks, loosened nails. But remember, clay, slate, concrete tiles are not to walk at as they may crack. Free roof inspection companies near me usually have the proper equipment to assess the roofs with tiles that are not suitable for walking.


A valley is a line where two roof planes intersect and a metal flashing covers the valley. Other ways to connect two planes of roofs are rolled roofing or simply lacing the shingles together. Valleys can present big problems if you do not trim the shingles correctly during the installation. They can be prone to roof leaks as water can seep through.


Chimneys are the source of many leaks. They contain four different types of flashing which should be connected properly or there is a risk of a roof leak. Moreover, the counter flashing that goes into the brick mortar joint must be right. A hairline crack above the flashing can allow moisture to leak behind the flashing. When free roof inspection companies near me assess your home, they will pay close attention to this area.

Ice dam

Ice dam leaks can happen even if everything is just fine with your roof. Ice dams block the natural flow of water down the roof, and as a result, water starts to back up under flashings, shingles, tar paper, etc. This can lead to water flowing into the house, where it starts to drip for days. The way to prevent it is to install membranes under the roof to stop water leaks.

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