Rules of right procedure after storm property damage.

If you experience any type of severe storm property damage, you will have to be careful about the next steps you take to make sure that you get your repairs done properly and don’t get overcharged. You can contact ARR Contractors and consultants to help deal with the aftermath of a severe storm.We will provide a free, on-site inspection, that will help you document and keep the evidence that is often removed by some insurance companies or roofing contractors during the inspection this phase.We will go over the details of your insurance policy with you to make sure you are familiar with the complex language and all the restrictive conditions (stipulations and provisions) that are included in your plan.We will determine the coverage and all benefits available, as sometimes there are additional benefits “hidden” in your policy that you will be happy to find out about.We will make sure to protect your financial interests in the insurance claim. ARR Contractors will side with you to ensure you obtain the maximum insurance settlement covered by your insurance policy.If your claim is not handled properly and/or in a timely manner, then we will provide you with both appraisal assistance and legal options where applicable.Upon your agreement to work with us, we will document all your damaged items, determine the replacement values, and provide accurate and comprehensive estimates for repair costs.We will fill out your entire claim utilizing thorough insurance software that provides detailed structural estimates and both personal and business property inventories.We will handle all of the details of your claim in a manner that will comply with the terms of your policy. We will ensure your claim is supported by the right information and the necessary experts, this includes estimators, engineers, environmentalists, and licensed industry professionals, as well as building permits.We will help take care of the whole process so that you and your family don’t have to spend time worrying about it!We will save you the hassle of taking inventories of damaged or destroyed items and trying to figure out the cost of repairs or replacement.We will communicate effectively on your behalf and will keep you informed, updating you on a regular basis. This also includes all communications concerning your claim.We will help turn complex insurance lingo in your policy into everyday language that is easily understood, in order to help you make important decisions.We will save you time by working closely with the insurance company on your behalf. In general, our experience and expertise help us obtain larger overall settlements to cover the restoration and improvement of your home compared to other companies.Our fee is a small percentage of your claim or any additional benefits received with the help of our involvement and is usually paid off mostly by the high insurance settlement you should receive with our assistance. We do not require any fees in advance and only require payment when you receive your settlement.Unlike other contractors, ARR Contractors is a knowledgeable and experienced team of professionals. We will be working closely with you to provide a great service and take care of the whole claim process for you. Be careful as some companies can lie about and overstate how much money you will save with their help. We suggest hiring ARR Contractors; because you will receive a qualified help with the claim process from a contractor that is interested in actually helping you, and not just getting paid.

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