Signs That You Need Water Damage Repair

Roof repairs are one of the most expensive repairs in a typical household. In fact, you can decrease the cost of your repairs if you take preventative measures. These include inspecting your house for damage, keeping proper maintenance, and getting required water damage restoration services after big storms. But sometimes it is hard to tell if your home is needing water damage restoration. In this article, we are going to describe several signs that your home needs it. So you could maintain your roof and home in a good condition and not worry about expensive and extensive repairs.

Signs that you need to call and hire a water damage restoration company might include:

Water stains on the walls

Water stains and marks are the first signs you should be looking for. They are easy to spot – you would see yellowish water rings on walls, ceilings, and floors. Pay attention to the corners of your ceiling, as many water stains may appear in those areas.

Humid smell

Most people are familiar with the smell of excess humidity or mold presence. It has a strong scent of something unfresh and dirty. This smell is probably an indicator that your home needs water damage restoration as there might be roof leaks.

The sounds of leaks around the house

The sound of dripping water around the house is definitely the most obvious indicator that there is a roof leak. Moreover, if it has been there for a long time, you can almost bet that there is some water damage to your property and you need to call a water restoration company to inspect your home.

The appearance of paint

The condition of paint on the property is also a good indicator of water damage. It suffers a lot from excess humidity or water damage. If you notice that the paint is bubbling, discolored, or peeling off, you should consider water damage restoration.

Mold Growth

There is not much to say about mold growth. The truth is, if you notice mold, you definitely need to contact a water damage restoration company as some molds can be dangerous to your health.

Damage to the roof

If you notice some signs of roof damage, your home might be at risk of roof leaks and, as a result, water damage. If you notice that there are any dents, broken or missing shingles, it may be an indicator of water damage.

Have you noticed any of the above mentioned signs of water damage? Do you suspect that you need water restoration? You can contact ARR Contractors today to schedule a free roof inspection and get a free estimate for your water damage repair.