Seven Types of Services Offered By General Contractors Near Me

When looking for general contractors near me it is important to consider what the stages of your project are. A breakdown of any project typically consists of the consultation, presite inspection, project management, obtaining permits, construction process, and cleanup.

Professional general contractors near me will be able to outline for you the stages of your project in more specific detail. We have outlined 7 services offered by general contractors near me. This will help you understand what a typical construction project entails and how it is managed.


During the consultation stage, you will work with a roofer to identify your needs and outline the next steps. A representative of general contractors near me will discuss with you the project and identify the products and services that best fit your needs. This typically involves the site visit and assessment.

Presite assessment

During this stage, general contractors near me typically discuss timelines, predict concerns, perform individual assessment for future phases of the project. In order to successfully perform the project, a contractor needs to work closely with their customers.

Project management

In this phase general contractors near me typically start to outline the actual project. This involves scheduling, finding materials and instruments, projecting the future services to be performed.

Obtaining permits

This is another important part of the project because it is crucial to success. During this stage city officials can come over to perform inspections and grant all the permits.


Construction is the most visible phase of the project. During this stage general contractors near me actually start to work at your construction site. They might be removing old materials, rebuilding frames and bases, and etc. This stage requires maximum concentration and attention to details. If your contractor is experienced and professional, this stage will go smooth.

Clean up

In the end of the construction process, general contractors near me typically clean up and remove all the debris and old materials.

Post-project support

Upon the completion of the project, you will be given support documentation that will ensure and guarantee support, should you need any assistance with the project.