Questions to Ask When Hiring a Remodeling Contractor Plano TX

1. Are you licensed and certified?

Every state has different regulations regarding the licensing for general contractors. It is the same for general contractors Plano TX. If you don’t know how to check a contractor’s license, you should start with your state’s license and page online. You can look up general contracting companies Plano TX to see what licenses or certifications they hold. You want to make sure your contractor and their subcontractors have all the certifications needed to perform the job.

2. Do you have worker’s compensation and liability insurance?

General contractors Plano TX should have the proper insurance, otherwise, you will be liable if anyone is injured on site. Ask to see a copy of their insurance certificates.

3. Will you take care of the building permit?

First thing first, the person responsible to make sure the job is done right is the person whose name is on the building pyramid. Sometimes general contractors may ask you to get a permit in your name, but for you, it should be a red flag. Your remodeling contractor Plano TX should be required to perform the job right and obtain the building permit.

4. How many jobs like this have you done before?

If your general contractor has experience in the type of job you want to get done, this means that most likely the job is going to be performed properly. Even a seemingly easy bathroom renovation can be a challenge for a general contractor who’s never remodeled a bathroom before.

5. How do you prefer to communicate and how frequently?

Ultimately, you want to hire a general contracting company with who you like to communicate. For a large remodeling job, weekly meetings with the project manager will be suitable. But it doesn’t mean that between those times you should not be talking to your remodeling contractor Plano TX.

6. What are your payment terms?

Before you sign your contract, you should understand the schedule of the payments and the form in which these payments are due. It should be done beforehand so you avoid any misunderstandings in the future.

7. What is your change policy?

Sometimes the project may run over budget because the homeowner wants to change some details about the remodeling project. Many remodeling contractors are OK with that, but you should discuss this beforehand. Like if you change your mind about the color of your bathroom, you need to know the process for getting that done.