How To Perform Vinyl Siding Repairs

Holes, dents, and other siding damage can easily be fixed quickly and inexpensively. A new generation of siding materials allows to fill holes and firm up soft spots so your siding is as strong as the original material. Moreover, the minor siding replacement can add years to the life of your siding. Boards, shingles, and panels usually can be replaced without too much trouble. Sometimes these minor siding repairs can delay major siding replacement.

How to prevent serious siding damage

If your siding is buckling, splitting, warping, or getting loose in large areas, or if you notice mold or other signs of moisture inside the siding, you should remove a section and take a look. If there is moisture present, your house paper and flashing may not have been installed correctly, and you need to contact a professional siding repairs company. The solution might be as simple as coulking an opening or replacing a damaged or incorrectly installed piece of flashing. In this case, you wouldn’t need to pay the full new siding cost. Another areas that present special problems are windows and doors. Building paper, flashings, and trim must be installed correctly around them, or water can seep through and damage the house framing. Major problems always lead to a completely new siding replacement.

How to seal joints

Another important factor of a good siding replacement or siding repairs is proper sealing. Otherwise water can infiltrate and damage sheathing or the back of the siding. When your siding is getting older, seals can weaken, so it’s important that you regularly check your siding sealing and replace or recaulk any damaged areas. Taking care of the joints, will prevent you from needing siding repairs and you won’t have to pay high siding cost.

How to prep for and paint house

Generous coat of fresh exterior paint will spruce up your home’s appearance and protect your siding from weather and time and so it will delay siding replacement and siding repairs. Paint job usually should be approached with careful planning and diligence and the attention to detail. It’s better to hire a professional siding repairs company to perform the painting.

How to repair vinyl siding

One of the biggest mistakes that can be made when installing vinyl siding is driving the nails to tight. Vinyl siding tends to expand and contract in different temperatures, so nails should be loose to allow this movement. To fix this mistake, you would need to get a new siding replacement.