How To Perform Roof Repair Frisco TX Yourself

Roofing damage is always unexpected and stressful. Many homeowners, especially if facing roof damage for the first time, might not know what to do. If the damage is not serious it is possible to perform roof repair Frisco TX, on your own. But if the damage is extensive, it is recommended not to postpone the damage and call a professional contractor to schedule roof repair Frisco TX right away. The simple rule of thumb, if more than a third of your roof’s surface is damaged, you should get a roof replacement Frisco TX. If you are facing minora roof damage, this article will give you an idea of what a typical roof repair will look like.

Roof Repair Frisco TX Tips

  • Securing the shingles is extremely important when installing new asphalt shingles. Over time, the sun’s heat will cause the roof and shingles to expand, making the poorly secured nails pop out and leaving holes for rainwater to leak in.
  • Since your roof is sloped, you should lay the shingles from bottom to top with the top set overlapping the bottom. This will protect your roof from roof leaks.
  • Using professional equipment for roof repair Frisco TX is always a good idea. Most nail guns can be rented for about $20 a day.
  • If you are not sure what type of repair you need or suspect that you need a full roof replacement Frisco TX, don’t hesitate to call a professional roofing contractor like ARR Contractors. We are happy to help!

1. Repair Sheathing

Clean the debris and reframe the roof, then it’s time to lay down a sheathing. The sheathing is an eight-foot, 1/2-inch-thick plywood base that is laid underneath the shingles. Cut the plywood to the needed size, and nail to roof rafters. If a big area of your roof is damaged, you should go for a total roof replacement Frisco TX.

2. Lay Felt Paper

Staple the 6-inch starter strip at the bottom section of your roof and leaving a 1-inch overhang on the edge to ensure drainage into the gutters. Like with the sheathing, go from the bottom up, lay and nail the remaining felt layers with a 2-inch overlap.

3. Installing Shingles

Start laying the first row of shingles from the bottom corner of your roof. Place and secure a base row of shingles and move upward in a pyramid shape. You should nail on the tar strip and can use six nails per shingle to secure it. Roof repair Frisco TX is finished!

If you need a roof replacement Frisco TX, call ARR Contractors today to get a quality replacement at the most reasonable price!