How Much Should a Roof Inspection Cost?

There are many reasons to regularly schedule a yearly roof inspection. A once-a-year inspection will allow you to find out if there are any small issues before they become large problems, and keep your home protected for years to come. Once you are ready to schedule a roof inspection, look for a roof inspection. This is an important checkup of your roof’s integrity that has the potential to save you thousands of dollars. In fact, the roof inspection cost is zero dollars in most cases.

A roof inspection should be performed right before or after storm season, and prior to any repairs. Every roof should be inspected at least once a year. If your roof is getting to the end of its lifespan, you might want to start inspecting it twice a year.

Why You Shouldn’t be Charged Any Roof Inspection Cost

This is simply how the roofing business works. Roofing contractors compete to earn your business and therefore should be willing to perform the inspection at no roof inspection cost. This roof inspection will help you obtain valuable information about your roof and possible repairs needed. Furthermore, the inspection will give the contractor the chance to get a sense of the type of project, figure out the complexity and the materials for the project, and calculate the estimate.

Modern Technologies Increase Roof Inspection Cost

The use of modern technologies is pricey. If there are some issues the source of which is hard to find, the roofer might offer you a more thorough inspection with the use of modern techniques for an additional roof inspection cost. A physical roof inspection should be free but these advanced techniques might be the next step to explore roof issues if you choose to work with that same contractor. So they are usually included in your roof repair cost.

Drone Roof Inspection Cost

If the space is difficult to access, your roofing contractor can use a drone to capture close-up footage of all surface areas. The roof inspection cost ranges between $150 and $400. Be sure to hire a professional who is or works with a certified unmanned vehicle (UAV) pilot.

Infrared Roof Inspection Cost

A thermal roof inspection is typically more expensive than a standard checkup with costs between $400 and $600. The technology involved includes a drone that captures thermal imagery of the surface.

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