How is Your Roof Constructed?

The construction of residential roofs includes frame construction and covering it with suitable roofing material. Today’s roofs tend to be built with timber, and offer a wide variety of shapes and covering material types. Modern timber roofs are typically framed with pairs of prefabricated trusses or common rafters that are fastened together with truss connector plates. Other factors that matter during the roof construction project are thermal building insulation, ventilation, steepness, or pitch of a roof.

Step 1. Rafter Roof Construction

Basic rafter roof consists of rafters that rest on horizontally placed plates at the top of each wall. The top ends of these rafters typically meet at a ridge beam, or directly attach to each other, forming a pair of rafters. Then horizontal purlins, laths, or battens are attached to the rafters. Tie beams can be used to double as ceiling joists and are usually connected to the bottom ends of the opposite rafters. This prevents them from forcing the walls apart by spreading.

Step 2. Truss Roof Construction

Truss roofs are usually pre-manufactured and come in a variety of styles. They are designed by the manufacturer to fit each specific building of a wide range of styles. They can be built using wooden or metal joints. Trusses have some obvious advantages. They are incredibly strong, allow interesting features to any shape of a custom build of your roof, and go up quickly. They come in W, M, scissors, gable, and other various styles.

Step 3. Design Loads

The design of reduced framing must be done in such a way as to hold up the whole structure, including what is known as dead load, the own weight of the roof, the covering material weight, and any additional loads, for example, wind or snow. This total load in the distance between the span (supports) determines the size and spacing of trusses and rafters.

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