Do You Know How To Prevent Broken Pipe Damage During Winter?

Winterization is a number of means a homeowner should take to prepare their home pipes for freezing temperatures. It is obvious that the best way to deal with freezing and broken pipe is to stop it from occurring in the first place. Preparing your home for winter is the first step in preventing unexpected frozen broken pipe damage. However, some frozen pipes don’t burst. But if one pipe does burst, this will cause water damage and you will need to claim water restoration Plano TX and find services for water remediation Plano TX. The price for water remediation Plano TX might be up to $5,000.

How To Avoid Water Remediation Plano TX by taking preventing measures?

1. Act fast. As soon as you find your pipes frozen, call a contractor to get an inspection. This immediacy will minimize the risk of damage and decrease repair costs. How do you know that the pipes are frozen? This usually looks like a lack of water flow in your kitchen sink or bathroom tap, or your toilets won’t refill after flushing. Some pipes can become frost coated, but it is not obvious as not all plumbing pipes are visible.

2. Shut off your main water supply. You may have to shut off your entire house water supply to minimize basement flooding.

3. Start warming up your frozen water pipes by wrapping them with warming tape (thermostatic control tape). Another way to do so is to gradually apply heat from a hairdryer or heat lamp. You should not thaw your pipes with a propane torch as it can present a fire risk.

4. Have a wet/dry vacuum, mop, buckets, sponges, and towels ready in case there’s a broken pipe. Minimize moisture-related problems by getting water remediation Plano TX in a timely manner. You might also want to document all water damage as you will need it to claim water restoration Plano TX.

5. Call your trusted contractor for water remediation Plano TX. It is important to immediately deal with a broken pipe and water damage. If left neglected, it will eventually cause even more expensive problems. You might also want to contrive a plan in advance that will prevent further trouble and damage.

6. Contact your insurance company to claim water restoration Plano TX. Most homeowner’s insurance policies cover broken pipe and water damage.