Choosing The Right Technique For Roofing Replacement

From keeping your house from the impact of elements to adding a fresh look to its appeal – your roof means a lot to the performance of your house. Your roof has to withstand decades under the blazing sun, heavy rains, strong winds, snow, and ice – all while looking pretty from the outside.

When it comes to your home maintenance, roofing replacement is one of the most expensive projects you have to take. While it is very time-consuming, most experts agree that having a professional roofing replacement done right is extremely important. If you want to have your roof for years and not need to have roof repair near me Dallas TX done every year, you want to hire a professional. First, you might want to explore colors and styles by driving around your neighborhood. Many companies that do roofing replacement have options in a variety of colors and shapes: browns and blacks, gold and reds, blues and greens, grays and beiges. Then you should hire a professional roof inspection company to come to your home, inspect your old roof, and offer the best options for roofing replacement. If you google roof repair near me Dallas TX, you’ll find a variety of roofing contractors. But you should be wise about choosing the right one. The quality of the job is key. Moreover, you should have basic knowledge about how the roof is installed. In this article, you will learn about the two main techniques for roofing replacement. Use this information to choose the best method for your roof.

Overlay vs. tear-off

Overlay and tear-off are the two installation methods that use the same shingles but are very different.

Overlay: Adding a second layer

Building codes in some states allow for two layers of asphalt shingles on a roof, so you may skip removing the material down to the plywood sheathing during roofing replacement. Nailing new shingles over the existing layer is much cheaper and faster because it requires less labor. However, your roof inspection company would need to perform a thorough roof inspection in order to allow for this method. You should make sure that you don’t need roof repair near me Dallas TX for plywood sheathing before layering a new layer. Overlay is worth considering when your roof is in good shape but has some damage to one side.

Tear off: Removing the old roof

Peeling off the old roof material before roofing replacement is your only option if you already have two layers. It is more expensive because of the additional labor and materials costs.