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Chimney Flashing

Chimney flashing is a critical component of any roofing system, yet it is often overlooked until a leak occurs. ARR Contractors, a leading roofing and restoration company, specializes in chimney flashing repair and replacement to ensure the integrity of your roof.

What is Chimney Flashing?

Chimney flashing is a sheet metal material used to seal the area where the chimney meets the roof. It is designed to prevent water from seeping into the roof structure and causing damage. Flashing is typically made of aluminum, copper, or galvanized steel and is installed in a way that directs water away from the chimney and onto the roof surface.

Signs of Chimney Flashing Failure

Chimney flashing can fail for various reasons, including improper installation, age, and weather damage. Some common signs of flashing failure include: Visible gaps or cracks in the flashing Water stains or discoloration on the chimney or roof Peeling paint or wallpaper inside the home near the chimney Musty odors or mold growth

The Importance of Proper Flashing Installation

Proper installation is crucial for the long-term performance of chimney flashing. ARR Contractors follows industry best practices to ensure a watertight seal and prevent future leaks. This includes: Removing old flashing and sealants Cleaning the chimney and roof surfaces Installing new flashing in overlapping layers Sealing all seams and edges with a high-quality sealant Ensuring proper drainage away from the chimney

ARR Contractors' Chimney Services

ARR Contractors' chimney services include: Chimney Construction: Expert construction of new chimneys tailored to your home's needs. Chimney Repair: Professional repair services to address issues like leaks, cracks, and structural damage.

ARR Contractors' Chimney Flashing Services

ARR Contractors offers comprehensive chimney flashing services, including: Inspection and assessment of existing flashing Repair of minor cracks or gaps Complete replacement of damaged or worn-out flashing Installation of new flashing on new construction or re-roofing projects

The Benefits of Choosing ARR Contractors

By choosing ARR Contractors for your chimney flashing needs, you can expect: Expert workmanship and attention to detail Use of high-quality materials for long-lasting performance Prompt and professional service Satisfaction guaranteed

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