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What Is a Chimney System Inspection and Why Do You Need One?

First things first, a chimney system inspection is an evaluation procedure for the venting and chimney system that assesses its condition. Fireplaces carry fire and carbon monoxide risks but a chimney system inspection can certainly reduce those risks and make the use of the fireplace safer. It’s important to schedule routine chimney system and chimney flashing inspections regularly.

Professional chimney repair companies will check for creosote buildup, flue blockages, leaks, cracks, and other damage during chimney system inspection. Those problems can cause costly damage or increase the risks of fire or carbon monoxide poisoning. Like we always say, preventing chimney damage is cheaper than hiring chimney repair companies. With chimney system inspections you’ll know about the problems and can address them in a timely manner – before the damage becomes serious, time-consuming, and expensive.

When do you need to schedule a chimney system inspection?

  • You’re making a change to your chimney system – like installing a new feature, replacing your flue liner, or changing fuel types or appliance types.
  • You’re having problems with your chimney system or chimney flashing, or you’ve noticed a change in performance.
  • You’ve had a chimney fire, severe weather, or other significant events that could have damaged the chimney system or you simply suspect chimney flashing damage.
  • You’re moving into a new home and assessing its performance.

When to replace chimney flashing?

Chimney flashing is a sheet of metal that covers the area where the chimney meets the roof. Flashing provides integrity to the connection between the chimney and roof. With proper installation, regular chimney system inspections and maintenance, chimney flashing can last up to 30 years. But the lifespan of chimney flashing depends on many variables, including where you live, the type of material used, the size of your roof, and the type of roof shingles you have.

Since weather can be brutal and detrimental to your chimney flashing, you need to keep up the good maintenance. Older chimney flashing, even if it’s made from durable metal, might be rusted. Replace it if you notice this issue. If the chimney flashing has pulled away from the chimney, professional chimney repair companies will put it back in place. If it is badly rusted or eroded, it will need to be completely replaced.