Working With Your Insurance Company

Now that you have identified and documented all the roof damage that needs to be repaired you may begin working with your insurance company on your insurance coverage. First of all, you need to schedule a visit by an insurance adjuster once your roofing contractor confirms the damage. Moreover, your contractor may wish to meet you and the adjuster at the time they visit your property. It is very important that they are present to point out areas of damage and concern to the adjuster.

Take notes and ask questions

Don’t be afraid to ask your adjuster as many questions as you want. You should make sure that you understand the process of filing an insurance claim very well after the visit. You may even want to make notes. Ask them if the damage is covered by your insurance contract and how long the claim will take to process. After the adjuster inspects your property, the insurance company will approve whatever roof work is needed while your contractor will work with them to be sure the scope of work is understood by all parties.

The work on the project begins

Once all the roof job is approved by your insurance contract, your roofing contractor will set a time frame for work to begin and will start ordering the materials necessary. Now it’s your contractor’s responsibility to finish the repairs included in your insurance coverage according to the agreed-upon schedule they set with you and your insurance company.

Next, the contractor will contact your insurance company for any additional supplemental funds owned for the work they completed on your behalf. You will receive these funds from your insurance company and they will be paid by you to your contractor.

On a side note

Roofing contractors only have influence over the assessment and estimate of damages. They do not have an opportunity to influence your insurance policy or insurance contract. If there is a gripe over the insurance coverage, it’s a matter that the adjuster and the homeowner need to work through.

Overall, your roofing contractor, as well as your insurance company, want your new roof to be the highest quality and the insurance contract should reflect that. It is not in the interest of the insurance company to have to pay out another claim in the next couple of months. The same goes for your reputable contractor who is responsible for the high quality of your repairs.