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How To Find A General Contractor Plano TX

Contractor Plano TX

You might enjoy living in Texas, but severe Texas weather might cause significant structural damage to your roof and will force you to get a roof replacement. But sometimes the reason for a new roof is just outdated material – worn out shingles cannot perform their job well anymore so you have to replace them to protect your roof. Anyway, no matter what the reason for a new roof is, it is important that the general contractor Plano TX you choose to complete the project for you is reputable and experienced. Here’s a guide on how to find the best general contractor Plano TX.

Avoid Storm Chasers

After a storm, an unsolicited salesperson can show up at your door offering you the best price for storm roof damage repair. But this profit is not reasonable. The services these storm chasers provide are usually of low quality and will not last long. After some time, you would end up paying even more than if you would have just contacted a reputable and experienced general contractor Plano TX, like ARR Contractors, in the first place.

Look For a Licensed General Contractor Plano TX

Remember, that you should always check the licensure and permits of your general contractor Plano TX before you hire them. While there is no statewide licensure or registration for roofers, as contractors, they must be licensed by, and pull a permit from, each city or county where they perform work.

What Information You Should Request From a General Contractor Plano TX

  • Proof of a legal businessA permanent business address, telephone number, and tax identification number should be requested from your potential general contractor Plano TX, as well as their license number to check with your city or county’s building department
  • Proof of insuranceLiability and workers’ compensation insurance certificates should be in effect throughout the duration of your job.
  • ReferencesAsk for the name and phone numbers of the customers where the general contractor Plano TX performed work at least a year ago. You can check the references later, but at this stage, this will eliminate companies that don’t have them.

Talk to a General Contractor Plano TX In Person

Once you performed the above steps, you should have at least three companies that have met the previous criteria. Then let each one perform an inspection and give you a proposal and estimate in writing. Choose the one that makes a better impression.