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Hardwood Floor Repair

As well as providing improved air quality, storing carbon, reducing energy and water usage, and recycling, hardwood floors are an elegant and timeless choice for any home. Additionally, hardwood floors can be damaged, so professional repairs are required to maintain their beauty and functionality. At ARR Contractors, we specialize in hardwood floor repairs.

Understanding hardwood floor damage

Hardwood floors can suffer from various types of damage, including: Scratches and Dents: Minor scratches and dents can be caused by daily wear and tear, furniture movement, or accidental drops. Water Damage: Water spills, flooding, or condensation can cause warping, buckling, or delamination of the wood. Cracks and Gaps: Cracks and gaps can appear due to shrinkage, expansion, or improper installation. Discoloration: Discoloration can result from exposure to sunlight, moisture, or chemical spills.

Our hardwood floor repair services

Scratch and Dent Repair: We repair minor scratches and dents using specialized techniques and materials. Water Damage Repair: We address water damage by drying the wood, removing any damaged material, and applying a protective coating. Crack and Gap Repair: We fill cracks and gaps using a combination of adhesives, fillers, and finishing techniques. Discolouration Repair: We restore the original colour and finish of your hardwood floor using specialized techniques and materials.


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