Water Damage

Disaster can strike at any moment and cause water damage that is one of the biggest fears of many homeowners. A burst pipe, rain flood, plumbing problems, or water heater leaks could all result in major property damage which will be expensive to repair. You would need to repair wall from water damage and fix water damaged wood floor. Postponing water damage restoration near me can cause mold growth and even more serious damage. Needless to say, knowing how to prevent and stop water damage can save you a lot of headaches. In this article, we present to you an ultimate guide to water damage restoration. We hope that this article will give you extensive information on how water damage is assessed and treated. 

Water damage restoration

The three categories of water damage contamination

Knowing the category of contaminated water is an important aspect of treating water damage.  

Water damage restoration

Category 1. Clean water

This category refers to water that is clean enough that a person could drink it. Water in this category is completely or near-completely uncontaminated. This means that if inhaled, touched, or ingested, it would cause no negative side effects. If the unwanted water came from a fresh water source like rainwater or a sprinkler system, it falls into this category. The only risks might arise from dangerous surroundings, like if electrical sources are close by. But the water itself poses no danger to people.

Category 2. Gray water

This is water that’s definitely not safe to consume or touch because it has unsafe biological matter and high microorganism levels. For example, water that contains chemicals or urine is gray water. Gray water obviously poses a risk, and onsite specialists should wear protective equipment during water damage restoration near me: coveralls, gloves, boots.

Category 3. Black water

This category refers to extremely contaminated water that possesses high health hazards and can be life-threatening. Pathogens, hazardous toxins, heavy metals, and/or pesticides can be found in black water. Examples can include natural waterway overflow and raw sewage.

Depending on the situation, full-body protection may be required for water damage restoration specialists. Moreover, special containers are often used to store and later dispose of contaminated materials. Anyone onsite should be extremely aware of their surroundings to avoid injury or accident.

Keep in mind that contaminated water can jump into a higher category if water damage restoration was not performed in a timely manner. For example, pathogens and bacteria can quickly grow and breed in standing water. Additionally, what begins as spores can rapidly turn to mold. In other words, if not treated, water damage can quickly escalate to major health risks.

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The Four Classes of Water Damage

Besides contamination types, there are four general classes of water damage. They are as follows.

Class 1

Refers to water damage involving low saturation. For example, this damage might affect tiled floor, sealed concrete, or other non-porous surfaces. Typically, a Class 1 damage doesn’t require much work (if any) after water removal.

Class 2

Refers to water damage involving material that is more porous, like water damaged wood floor. In a Class 2 situation, a lot more water is absorbed into the surface compared to Class 1. This causes more damage. A Class 2 water damage restoration near me usually requires a lot of post-remediation efforts from a repair crew to repair the affected areas. This means that after the water is removed and surfaces are dried, serious repair or replacement work will need to be done like repair swollen laminate flooring or repair wall from water damage.

Class 3

Refers to water damage affecting surfaces that are highly porous, yielding significant or even irreplaceable damage due to massive amounts of water. In a Class 3 circumstance, a water damage restoration company would need to perform emergency services to eliminate the unwanted water. It is important to act quickly. For example, if your water heater leaks a large amount of water can be released causing significant damage to your property that would fall under this category.

Class 4

Class 4 is similar to Class 3 but has other additional differentiating characteristics: the flooding area is hard to access and highly contaminated water (like sewage) has been absorbed into the walls or floors. This causes an urge to repair water damaged wood floor and water damage dry wall. In this case, water damage restoration requires special equipment, takes longer, and is more expensive. 

Assessing the contamination category and damage class are the first two things a water damage restoration company will do. They’ll begin the remediation process once these things are assessed. Depending on the circumstance, they choose particular equipment and techniques. 

Repair water damaged wood floor

The 3 Main Types Of Water Removal Equipment

In almost every water damage restoration job, the professionals are going to be using three main types of equipment: air movers, dehumidifiers, and air scrubbers.


These are drying machines that blow air throughout the affected room or area. The circulating air helps repair wall from water damage by drying them faster. Air movers come in different sizes which allows to dry big areas of water damaged wood floor. Its capacity is measured by how much air is moved per minute per cubic foot. This equipment might look like a fan but commercial air movers used by professionals are different from fans with their higher functionality and strength. 


These machines remove moisture from the air after water heater leaks or water damage. Large levels of moisture in the air lead to mildew and mold growth so dehumidifiers work to prevent the growth of mildew and mold on water damaged hardwood floors. 


They clean particles and odors out of the air rather than water and can be used both for water damage restoration and fire damage restoration. They eliminate smells caused by mold and mildew. Air scrubbers come in two varieties: dry and wet depending on the type of filters inside the machine. 

The Process of Water Damage Flood Repair

Water damage restoration near me includes two main steps. The first step is to stop water leaks and dry the house. The process is usually quick and can be performed by just one water damage restoration company. This process is usually funded by an insurance company and includes emergency services: taking pictures and measures and cleaning up the debris. The second step is to perform water damage flood repair and to restore the house to its initial condition. Lots of companies can cooperate during this process and, depending on the damage extent, it can take up to 365 days or even more to repair your house, for example, repair wall from water damage and repair water damaged wood floor. 

File an insurance claim

When you notice the first signs of water damage or water heater leaks, don’t waste any time and get in touch with a water damage restoration company. They will be able to access the damage and connect with a home insurance agent to file an insurance claim on your behalf. They will navigate the process from documenting the damage to cleaning up your property after the water damage restoration is finished. It is important that you find a reputable company for the processes like hardwood floor repair water damage and water damage dry wall, as you want to make sure that your repairs last long.

Tips for water damage cleanup

  • Unplug electronic devices and/or turn off the electricity to avoid electrocution.
  • Wear appropriate apparel such as waterproof shoes and 100% rubber protective gloves. 
  • Start removing the water by mopping the affected area beginning with water damaged hardwood floors. We recommend taking rugs, furniture, and other wet items outside to dry and opening the windows— if the weather permits it.
  • When dealing with extensive water damage, contact a professional water damage restoration near me. On top of their technical expertise, these companies have detailed plans and tools to restore your home in a quick manner. 

Fix water damaged

Preventing water damage

While it’s impossible to predict exactly when a disaster will happen, there are preventative measures you can take to be prepared for water damage and significantly reduce its extent. First, take some time to identify the location of the main water shutoff valve in your home. If a leak is coming from one of your home’s pipes or there are water heater leaks, turning this valve can help prevent extensive damage. Scheduling routine maintenance on your pipes and plumbing is a great way to maintain your water supply system in good condition. An expert should be able to identify any issues and give you a solution before any damage occurs.

Whether you need to repair water damaged wood floor after water heater leaks or to repair wall from water damage after a serious storm, ARR Contractors is here to help! Feel free to contact us no matter what service you need. Our skillful professionals possess a broad range of knowledge and experience needed to successfully complete your repairs. Please, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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