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Black Water

Blackwater, a private security firm, and ARR Contractors, a restoration and reconstruction company, are two entities that have been involved in various projects and controversies. We will explore the connections between Blackwater and ARR Contractors, highlighting their roles in different contexts.


Blackwater, formerly known as Blackwater Worldwide, is an American private military contractor founded by Erik Prince, a former Navy SEAL officer. The company gained notoriety for its involvement in various conflicts and controversies, including the Iraq War and the use of mercenaries in Afghanistan.

Connection between Blackwater and ARR Contractors

While there is no direct connection between Blackwater and ARR Contractors, both companies have been involved in different contexts. Blackwater was known for its involvement in military and security operations, while ARR Contractors focuses on restoration and reconstruction services. However, both companies share a common goal of providing essential services to their clients.

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