What To Do About Hailstorm Damage

Texas hailstorms may cause significant damage to your property. In combination with high winds and heavy snowfalls, the degree of hailstorm damage may be extreme. You cannot predict hailstorm damage, but you should always keep in mind what you can do about storm restoration Dallas TX. This article will reveal some steps you can take immediately following hailstorms to deal with the damage.

Step 1. Take your camera and walk the property

Here are several forms of how hailstorm damage can be present that are not limited to: destroyed trees, broken windows, siding dents, cracked shingles and flashing, dented gutters and downspouts. You should document any obvious hailstorm damage. These pictures may come in handy when you contact storm restoration companies and insurance companies.

Step 2. Clean up potential hazards

Shattered windows, fallen trees, and other remnants of the hailstorm damage can be potentially dangerous. After you documented all the hailstorm damage, you should take care of yourself and your family and return your property to a safe condition. But make sure to complete this step only after you have documented the hailstorm damage for future storm restoration Dallas TX as described in step one.

Step 3. Take emergency steps to deal with roof leaks

Severe hailstorms can cause roof leaks. To deal with this type of hailstorm damage, you will need the help of storm restoration companies. But before they can arrive at your property, you should take temporary measures, like collecting water in buckets, to prevent further worsening of hailstorm damage. After that, you should wait for a storm restoration Dallas TX crew to arrive at your place and perform temporary repairs to prevent additional damage that may not be covered by your insurance. Many procedures of storm restoration Dallas TX are required by insurance companies as it’s your obligation to take steps to mitigate further hailstorm damage.

Step 4. Get in touch with your insurance company

It’s best to start working with your insurance company as soon as possible after hailstorm damage. After storm restoration companies assessed the damage and ensured that your property is adequately protected from further damage worsening, you can begin working with your insurance company on storm restoration Dallas TX. Remember that not all hailstorm damage will be covered by your insurance.