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Self insured retention.

Deductible – is an amount of money, specified in an insurance policy, that the insured must pay before the insurance company will pay the claim. Deductibles are sometimes called “self insured retention“ because it is the part of the claim that the insured will pay. Deductibles serve to keep the number of small claims filed to a minimum. Additionally, insured can choose a higher deductible to receive a lower premium.

A deductible can be applied to each covered loss in the policy, or it can be listed as a fixed amount listed in the policy. A “franchise deductible “ differs from an ordinary deductible in that once the deductible is met the entire amount of the loss is paid, subject to the policy limit. Also known as a percentage of the covered loss.

The adjuster is an agent who acts on behalf of the insured. He has power to bind an insurance coverage. If he SAID that it is covered by the policy and he is mistaken , insurance company by contract must cover the loss based on his assumption.

That is why PA record meetings with adjusters.

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