Six Signs That You Need Gutter Replacement Plano TX

Though properly installed, well-maintained, high-quality gutters can last many years, they certainly don’t last forever. In this article, we will give you some signs that might indicate the time has come to get your gutter replacement Plano TX. You can use our gutter cost calculator to estimate the cost of your repairs.

1. Cracking Up

Cracked gutters cannot perform properly just like a bucket with a hole on the bottom. While larger cracks are plainly visible on dry, clear days, smaller cracks are harder to inspect as they only reveal themselves in a storm. Individual cracks may be repaired, but extensive cracking is a reason to get a gutter replacement Plano TX.

2. Seam Stress

The most vulnerable point of gutters is the seams where two horizontal sections meet. Leaks and separations are common in this area and eventually can lead to leaks and water damage. Though gutter seams can sometimes be fixed, many homeowners choose to go for seamless gutter replacement Plano TX. You may want to use our gutter cost calculator to get an estimate.

3. Siding Peeling

Malfunctioning gutters can sometimes trigger the paint to peel. Inspect your exterior siding for any paint that has bubbled up or peeled away due to excess moisture. Once you found a section of compromised paint, you should check the condition of the nearest gutter. This can also be in form of peeling gutters pain. Chances are your gutters are leaking and you most likely will need a gutter replacement Plano TX.

4. Rotting gutters

Besides peeling, cracked gutters can allow rain to cascade over the home causing rot to exterior wood trim elements like window sills and door jambs. If your gutters consistently cause such issues, use our gutter cost calculator to get an estimate for your a gutter replacement Plano TX.

5. Mildew growth

There’s a reason why the downspouts should terminate about six feet away from the home. If moisture accumulates near the foundation, it tends to find its way into the basement, eventually causing mildew growth. If you encounter mold and mildew in a previously dry, mildew-free area, damaged gutters are most likely the reason. If the problem does not go away even after repairs, gutter replacement Plano TX is the next logical step.

If you are ready to schedule your gutter inspection and replacement, call ARR Contractors today. You may also want to try our gutter cost calculator to receive an estimate.