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Signs of Hailstorm Damage That You Should Be Aware of

Hail restoration is probably one of the most expensive repairs in the roofing industry. Depending on the extent of the hailstorm, some homeowners may need total roof replacement while others just need to repair hail damage.

Hail restoration begins with inspecting your house for damage and then performing required repairs. But sometimes hailstorm damage might not be obvious: it is hard to tell if need professional help. In this article, we are going to describe several signs that are strong indicators that you need to do so. This way you could maintain your roof and home in a good condition and not worry about huge expenses to repair hail damage.

If the winds near the surface are strong enough, hail can fall at an angle or even sideways. Hailstorm can tear up siding on houses, break windows, and cause severe injury and/or death to people and animals. Depending on the size of hailstones, the extent of damage and, consequently, your repair hail damage will vary.

Watermarks on the interior

Water stains are the first signs of hailstorm damage that you should be looking for. They are easy to spot – you would see yellowish water rings on walls, ceilings, and floors. You should pay attention to the corners of your ceiling, as many water stains may appear on the ceiling.

Dripping water

It is the most obvious indicator that there is a roof leak. You might also notice random water on your floor under the leaking area. Moreover, if it has been there for a long time, you can be sure that there has been some hail damage to your roof and property. You need to repair hail damage as soon as possible.

Humid smell

Most people are familiar with the smell of excess humidity or mold presence. It has a strong scent of something unfresh and dirty. This smell is probably an indicator that your home needs hail restoration as there might be roof leaks.

Damage to the roof and exterior

If you notice some signs of roof damage, your home might be at risk of roof leaks and, as a result, experiencing hailstorm damage. If you notice that there are any dents, broken or missing shingles, or, for example, the paint is bubbling, discolored, or peeling off, you should repair hail damage.