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Roof Damage Repairs Come In Different Sizes

Heavy winds and rain, storms, falling debris, UV light, fluctuating temperatures, and other exposures reduce a roof’s functionality, look, and lifespan. If you regularly inspect your roof, the chances are you will most likely need small repairs to fix minor issues. In other cases, when your roof is more than twenty years old, re-roofing or replacing a roof would be the most effective step. Either way, before deciding on whether you should get a roof replacement or roof damage repairs done, you should get a free inspection from a roofing repair company to get a professional’s opinion.

1. Replacing cracked shingles

As roof shingles get old and become less flexible, they can start to crack. The effect is also called thermal splitting because asphalt shingles expand and crack when the seasons change and there are extreme temperature fluctuations. Cracked shingles don’t only look bad but also lose granules that serve to refract sunlight from the roof and regulate a roof’s ability to insulate a home. When a roof has an area of cracked asphalt shingles with missing granules, it’s best to completely replace the damaged tabs.

2. Replacing missing shingles

Missing shingles is an even more serious problem. Strong winds, rains, and storms can blow shingles away exposing some of the underneath material to elements. Now water can seep into the roof sheathing, causing rot, as well as roof leaks and water damage to the sheetrock ceiling. This inevitably leads to the need for more extensive roof damage repairs. However, if handled in a timely manner, simple roof damage repairs are all your home needs.

3. Basic maintenance

Regular maintenance is key to the long lifespan of your roof. A lack of maintenance can exacerbate a small problem and it will result in roof leaks and more costly repairs. Preventative maintenance usually requires little time, money, or effort. Power-washing the roof is a great way to keep your roof clear of debris, moss, and algae. Don’t forget about the gutters! Cleaning the gutters can save you a headache down the road, as draining issues can become worse during rainy seasons. If climbing a ladder to the roof doesn’t sound exciting to you, feel free to call a professional roofing repair company.

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