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How to Deal With Frozen Pipes Near Me

The weather in our area can be far from predictable, especially when it comes to subfreezing temperatures. Even though Texas residents don’t suffer from winter weather very often, subfreezing temperatures can cause serious damage to your pipes and cause frozen pipes near me. Texas weather has been getting colder and colder over the last few years which may have Texas residents deal with frozen pipes more often. Even though many Texans don’t know how to unfreeze water pipes near me, we now have to prepare for this issue. We’ve prepared an article to help you deal with frozen pipes near me and unfreeze water pipes on your own to prevent damage restoration.

Step 1. Locate the section of frozen pipes

The most easily frozen pipes are the ones under sinks, around your water meter, in crawl spaces, near exterior walls, and outside. Be sure to check these pipes first. Try to identify any obvious signs of freezing: the pipes will be cold and frosted over and their attached fixtures won’t work. However, frozen pipes near me might be present even if you can’t see any obvious signs. In this case, you may want to try another method: to find the frozen section test each faucet on your property. The one that doesn’t work is close to the section of the frozen pipesfrozen pipes section. However, this step might be skipped if you have already experienced water damage. In this case, the best thing would be is to contact a professional damage restoration company and they will do everything for you.

Step 2. Turn on the faucets linked to frozen pipes near me

Once you figure out the frozen pipes near me and the faucets, open them up, both hot and cold knobs. This will relieve pressure inside the pipe to prevent water damage restoration and allow water to flow out of the pipe when you unfreeze water pipes near me.

Step 3. Begin to unfreeze water pipes near me

There are two important things you should always remember when you unfreeze water pipes near me. First, always begin with the section closest to the faucet so that the melted water can begin to escape. The second thing to keep in mind is that you always start to unfreeze water pipes by applying the lowest heat source. A few things you can use are warm towels, a hairdryer, a heat lamp, and heating tape.

When you see water dripping out of your faucet, you know you successfully unfreeze water pipes near me.