Do You Know How to Perform Water Remediation Plano TX?

Winterizing your home during the winter months is the first step to prevent water damage. It prepares your home for the winter season and prevents your pipes from freezing. Every homeowner knows that the best way to deal with damage is to stop it from occurring in the first place.

When it’s freezing outside, water inside the pipes can freeze and stop flowing out your affected faucet. But it’s when your pipes start unmelting again you must be most concerned. When this ice inside your pipes melts with fluctuating temperatures, the pipe can begin to expand in size as the pressure and volumes of liquid in the pipe rise. Then pipe cracks or even bursts causing leak bathroom and kitchen sink.

Prevent Pipes from Bursting

1. Act fast. It is important to take immediate action. You should contact a roofing company or a general contractor for water remediation Plano TX. Fast action will minimize damage and repair costs.

2. Turn off the water supply to the pipe, to prevent additional water flow and damage to your home, leak bathroom and kitchen sink. To minimize basement flooding, you should shut off the main water supply.

3. Start gradually applying heat to the frozen pipe. You can use heat from a hairdryer, heat lamp, or by turning your thermostat up. This will warm-up the pipe. Never thaw your pipes with a propane torch as it can present a fire risk.

Tip: If you have no water flow in your kitchen sink, notice leak bathroom, or your toilets won’t refill after flushing, your pipes may be frozen. Some pipes can be coated with frost, but sometimes these signs are not really obvious because not all plumbing pipes are visible.

4. Prepare some emergency means like buckets, sponges, and towels in case there’s a major pipe burst.

5. Contact your trusted and licensed contractor for water remediation Plano TX. You don’t have to wait for serious damage to get help. Remember, preventive actions save your time and money. If you are not certain where the freeze is or how to deal with it, contact a contractor for an inspection. A broken pipe after bursting might cause significant water damage to your home. Especially if you don’t know where to look for damage or you’re not concentrating on the right area.

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