Do Not Make Those Mistakes When Filing a Hail Damage Frisco TX Insurance Claim

As an insurance policy holder, you have a contract with your insurance company. When the damage happens to your property, you have your right to make a claim and get paid in full for your loss. And this is exactly what you have your insurance for in the first place. However, some homeowners make mistakes in the process of filing a claim which may cost them thousands of dollars.

In this article, we’re going to cover some of them, and we hope this guide will help you when filing a hail damage Frisco TX claim.

Mistake #1: Filing an unnecessary claim

Your insurance policy serves to protect you in case of when something goes wrong. However, it is intended to be used for significant events like a fire, hail damage Frisco TX or windstorm, tornado, or fallen tree. Using it for minor expenses like the theft of a bicycle or a single broken piece of material might sound valid, but it may not always be wise to file it. Think about your policy; the amount of the claim needs to be at least a little more than the deductible to make it worth making the claim.

Mistake #2: Using shady schemes to avoid the deductible

This one is probably the most common mistake homeowners make – often without thinking about the consequences. Storm chasers and shady roofers may promise to fix your roof for whatever insurance pays for your hail damage Frisco TX, and a “free roof” might sound tempting. However, failing to pay the deductible is illegal, and agreeing to this shady scheme may be tantamount to you committing insurance fraud. Stay away from shady promises!

Mistake #3: Hiring a public adjuster

It is very likely that you don’t have much experience with filing a claim, as the average homeowner gets to file a claim only once in a decade. It is ok to ask for help. This is why some homeowners look for a public adjuster to file a claim on their behalf. Beware of that! Standard homeowner’s claim rarely requires the help of a public adjuster. You might as well ask a reliable roofing contractor to help.

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