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What Is A Roof Inspection?

Roof is an integral part of every home. Therefore, every homeowner wants to keep their roof clean, repaired, and maintained. Sometimes your neighbors or family members may draw your attention to the condition of your roof, so you may find roof inspection service very beneficial. The goal of your roof is to prevent rain, sleet, and snow from damaging the rest of your house. So roof inspection is a good way to maintain the good condition and performance of your roof. For this reason, many roof inspection companies may offer free roof inspection, which you should take advantage of.

The biggest mistake that many homeowners make with roof inspection services

Suprisingly – they just don’t use it! The sad truth is that many homeowners don’t check their roof until they spot the very first leak or sign of roof damage. And while a roof inspection company is able to spot the tiniest sign, it is not the same with an average homeowner who would only inspect a roof for leaks. Roofers can definitely tackle every leak, crack, and can solve any roofing issue, but homeowners should be a lot more proactive.

So, instead of paying lots of money to repair the roof every few years, an annual roof inspection seems like a more reasonable choice.

Can I inspect the roof myself?

Well, yes and no. You can for sure inspect a roof for leaks and check for some obvious signs of damage yourself from the ground. It is not recommended that inexperienced homeowner goes on top of their roof and try to inspect it themselves. This might possess a health and injuries risk. For example, it is easy to notice deteriorating or missing shingles. But some roof damage cannot be inspected from the ground, you will need professional roof inspection company to get on top of your roof and inspect a roof for leaks, the attic, the shingles, the flashing, etc.

What is the best time to inspect a roof for leaks?

Your roof inspection should be regular and that’s the most important requirement. There is no need to do it overly frequently. The best time frame is to do it once a year. A trained professional roof inspection company can spot the damage you normally wouldn’t even think about. Moreover, a roofer can give you an estimate for your repairs and, if necessary will proceed with the roof repair.

If you’re looking for a roof inspection company, contact ARR Contractors to schedule your free roof inspection. And again, your roof inspection cost will be zero dollars!