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What Does Your Home Insurance Cover?

Standard homeowners insurance policy generally includes six types of coverage. We will try to explain each one of them in this article.

Dwelling coverage

This type of home insurance coverage covers the structure of your home, such as the walls, floors, windows and roof. Moreover, it might also include built-in appliances such as furnaces. Any attached constructions like attached garage, porch or deck would be under your dwelling coverage, too. It will cover the most common causes of damage: wind, hail, freezing, fire and lightning.

Other structures coverage

As straightforward as it sounds, this type of insurance coverage covers any structures on your property that aren’t attached to your house: a shed, fence or detached garage. Many standard homeowners insurance policies under other structures coverage cover the same type of damage like dwelling coverage. That means you’d likely have insurance coverage for fire, wind, hail and snow, among others.

Personal property coverage

“Personal property” in home insurance terms means your personal belongings — like clothes, furniture, electronic devices and appliances. Moreover, this works for your belongings not only in your house but any items in your ownership (like your bike parked outside a store). Personal property insurance coverage works differently than the former two types: there is a list of specific disasters covered.

Loss of use coverage

This type of insurance coverage can come in handy when your home is under construction and you can’t stay there. This homeowners insurance coverage may pay for hotel stays, restaurant meals or other expenses associated with living somewhere else.

Liability coverage

Personal liability insurance coverage will assist you if someone sues you for injuring them or damaging their property, with some exceptions. The type of home insurance generally extends to anyone in your household, including pets. The exception will be criminal acts or harm caused on purpose. Car accidents will be covered by your car insurance

Medical payments coverage

Like the former type, medical payments coverage will cover the expenses if you cause physical injury to someone outside your household. This type of homeowners insurance works in cases you cause harm to someone else outside of your home, with the exceptions of intentional acts or car accidents, among others.