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What Causes Roof Leaks?

Sometimes when your roof does not perform well, its integrity might be damaged. Poorly maintained or damaged roof causes roof leaks. There are some signs that homeowners should look out for when they suspect that they have a leaking roof. Keeping an eye on these signs will help you to identify the problem when it’s not too late to perform a quick and relatively inexpensive roof leak repair near me. In this article, we’re going to cover five signs that you should look out for. It will give you a clear picture of what to look at during your roof inspection and help you figure out whether you need roof leak repair near me.

1. Missing shingles

When you have missing shingles on your roof, there is a high chance that it will soon develop roof leaks. More to that, there may already be a small leak in the attic that you’ve probably never noticed. Whenever you notice these signs, it’s probably time to hire roof leak repair services.

2. Curling shingles

By the way, some of the signs may appear all at once or just one at a time. Make sure to check the entire roof thoroughly if you suspect a leaking roof. Curling shingles are another sign of leaking roofs. These can be caused by water absorption or hot air circulation in your attic. These damaged shingles will not effectively protect your home during rains. If you notice curling shingles it’s time to repair roof leaks.

3. Buckling shingles

Another major sign of roof leaks in your roof is buckling shingles caused by improper application of felt. There are many factors that may cause this problem. So if you are unsure about the root of the problem, contact a professional roof leak repair near me to schedule an inspection.

4. Damaged flashing

In most cases, flashing gets damaged when it’s improperly installed especially if the roof is new. But it can also be caused by cracking when your roof is getting close to the end of its lifespan. This problem is only minor and can be easily repaired when you hire roof leak repair near me.

5. Issues with attic ventilation

The attic is an important part of your roof and not just a storeroom. It actually holds the integrity of the house intact. A problem in the attic will likely affect the whole house. When there is a problem with the ventilation in your attic, it can cause roof leaks. When there is no ventilation in the attic, the moisture will be trapped in the attic causing the air conditioner to work extra hard to get rid of it. Eventually, there is a high chance that your roof shingles might begin to break.