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The Cost of Roof Installation At ARR Contractors

Now that we talked about the main materials for roof installation, it is important to talk about the average roof installation cost. There is no straightforward answer, and definitely no one single determining factor that will most accurately predict the cost of your replacement.

What are some factors that affect roof installation cost?

1) The type of roof you want to install
More complex and advanced roofing designs and shapes can increase the roof installation cost as more people, materials, time, effort, and tools are required to complete the project. Apparently, the bigger the roof, the more time and materials needed to complete asphalt shingles installation. Also, keep in mind that even small upgrades in the roofing material can greatly increase roof installationcost because of both the material itself and the labor.

2) Additional features of your roof
These include skylights, chimneys as these areas usually need special attention during roof installation

3) Your State of residence
Different areas across the United States require different permits, licensing, and codes for roof installation.

4) The existing condition of your roof
Before asphalt shingles installation, your roof first will need to inspect your roof to see if any damage is present. If your roof has recently had storm damage, these can add up a lot more time to the roof installation project. Therefore, getting a proper inspection prior to asphalt shingles installation may actually reduce the roof installation cost.

At ARR contractors we offer four types of roofing materials for residential roof installation

Asphalt shingles roof installation cost

The most common service performed by roofing contractors in the United States due to its cost-effectiveness will cost you $2.69 per square foot.

Architectural asphalt shingles

Architectural asphalt shingles installation, which is a more high-end option of asphalt shingles, will cost you $3.04 per square foot.

Metal roof installation cost

Due to the high durability and great performance, the metal roof installation cost is usually more expensive than a traditional asphalt roof resulting in $6.86 per square foot.

Tile roofs

Tile shingles, with their high lifespan and durability, may come in a variety of styles and shapes which results a roof installation cost of $6.69 per square foot.