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Roof replacement takes time. Sometimes it takes a lot of time. We know that every homeowner wants to be updated on how their roofing project is going. If you moved out for the period of your repairs, it’s essentially important for you to know when the project is finished so you can plan your accommodation in advance. In this article, we will explain how ARR Contractors keep customers posted.

On this page, you can search through various projects we have completed or are working on for our customers. To find your project, just type the full home address and the system will find the page for you. The page will open. On the page, you will see what type of roof repairs we are performing for the project, some information about the process, and the footage of the roof replacement process itself.

A typical roof installation process includes the following steps:

1. The old roof removal
Roofers will take off everything down to the plywood, including the tar paper. Another option is reroofing which is roofing over the old layer.

2. The old wood inspection
The roofers will inspect the wood structure of your roof. If they find boards are rotting or contain holes, they will repair or replace them before installing the new roof.

3. Moisture barriers installation
The next step is the installation of the underlayment. Underlayment is a moisture barrier that will cover the entire area of the roof to prevent leaks.

4. The new roofing material installation
It is now time to lay the new roofing material you’ve chosen - shingles, tiles, or shakes. Experienced roofers can lay shingles quickly.

5. Finishing Touches
Once the shingles or another material is installed, your contractor will add a few other things such as ridge vents, which provide ventilation, or chimney flashing.

6. Clean-up of your property
After the roof is completed, the roofing team will clean all the debris lying around your property. Metal items such as nails are often collected using large magnets.

You can also use this page to see the quality of our repairs and decide if you’d like to work with us. As a general contractor, we take care of the whole process of roof replacement and we know how important your roof is for you. Your satisfaction is our top priority and that is why we developed a convenient feedback system. Should you have any questions, you can always contact us at (972) 266-6677

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