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Roof Installation Methods For Various Types of Materials

Roofing manufacturers and roof installation companies are hesitant to suggest a DIY approach to asphalt shingles installation. Working at heights and slippery roof surfaces can be particularly dangerous, and the scope of the job generally requires some knowledge, skills, and experience. Moreover, the problems with the installation will void the warranty of the roofing material. The idea of installing shingles on the whole roof itself may not sound attractive to most handymen.

Roof installation is something every homeowner wants to get right because roof leaks can cause costly damage inside their home. Depending on the roofing material, roof installation techniques may vary greatly. Your roof architecture also defines the method for installing shingles. Whether you plan on approaching installing roof shingles on your own or hiring a pro, this article will touch on the differences between the installation techniques for popular roofing types.

Asphalt Shingles Installation

Asphalt roofing is the most common residential roofing material in the United States because of its durability, affordability, and availability in a wide range of styles and colors. Roofers use two techniques for installing shingles: reroofing and wear layering. A single layer of asphalt shingles can be covered with new shingles once or twice without needing to be removed. This method makes asphalt shingles installation the most DIY-friendly project for most homeowners. However, if your old shingles are completely worn out, a roof installation company may offer you to reroof your roof.

Cedar Shake & Shingle

Authentic cedar shingles is an attractive option as it offers a classic look, strong protection, and is a friendly to environment material. It usually comes with a fifty-year warranty. Installing shingles and shakes is done usually one at a time in straight, single courses. Each shingle is fastened with two nails about an inch from the outside edges. You need to be extra careful when installing cedar shakes and shingles and follow manufacturer guidelines. The carefully spaced shingle-by-shingle approach to installing shingles can be challenging even for professional installers.

Stay tuned, and we will talk about other materials and the roof installation procedures in the next article.