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How Do Water Damage Restoration Insurance Claims Work?

Correctly filing water damage restoration insurance claims is important because it can help you lower your expenses on water damage repair. Your homeowner’s insurance can save you from property losses beyond your control, and the insurance company will pay for your flood restoration.

The first step of water damage restoration services is to ensure that all water damage is documented. ARR Contractors will inspect your entire home for signs of water damage. Here’s an outline of the next step that water restoration company takes to take care of your water damage repair.

Step 1. Starting to file an insurance claim

If the inspection reveals that your house needs water damage restoration, your water restoration company will start working with your insurer and filing the insurance claim.

Step 2. Contacting an insurance adjuster

After you contact water damage restoration services and provide your water restoration company with your adjuster’s information, they will contact your adjuster to schedule an inspection. The water restoration company will be present during the inspection to represent you. Your adjuster should not inspect your roof alone, though they may claim they don’t need a company to be present.

Step 3. Identifying water damage during the inspection

Your insurance adjuster and the team from the water restoration company will inspect every area of your property, talk about covered damages and reach a verbal agreement. They’ll make sure to point out any damages that an adjuster might miss and ensure they understand the manufacturer’s specifications and required building codes in Texas.

Step 4. Sending paperwork regarding water damage repair

Your adjuster will send paperwork about the water damage restoration services they will cover. Before you sign anything, forward the paperwork to us so we would be able to verify that your roof damages have been accurately reported and fairly evaluated.

Step 5. Choose a date to get you water damage repair done

After the paperwork is confirmed, you should contact your storm damage roofing company and select a date to perform the work and choose and the right materials. Next, we’ll discuss siding, gutters, shingle types, and colors. Then we will begin the work on your roof. After the work is complete, we’ll inspect the work with you and confirm the quality of the repair so you can enjoy your new roof.