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Hail Damage McKinney TX Restoration

If you live in an area where hail storms happen often, you are most likely familiar with the most common types of hail damage McKinney TX. From dented vehicles to broken shingles, the consequences of a hailstorm are usually obvious. You may rush out to move your car into the garage when it starts to hail, but don’t forget that your home, especially your roof, also gets damaged by the hail.

There are just four immediate steps you should take after the hail strikes

Step 1. Act Quick

If you experience a hailstorm of any extent, it is important to check your property for damage immediately. Homeowner’s insurance generally covers damage from hail storms (hail damage), but there is a time limit when it comes to filing hail damage claims. Experienced insurance adjusters can tell when hail damage McKinney TX occurred, so waiting too long can weaken your claim.

Step 2. Take Pictures to Document the Damage

Something you should think about even before the hail hits is getting some basic photo documentation of your home. By having before pictures, you make it very easy for the adjuster or a roofing contractor to assess the damage. After a hailstorm, taking pictures and basic hail damage inspection should come simultaneously. Make sure to use chalk to mark areas of impact, and to make dents that are not easily seen more apparent.

Step 3. Start Your Hail Damage Inspection from the Ground

Do some hail inspection from the ground. Look for damage to siding, windows, gutters, chips in the paint on your home’s exterior. See if there are any dents or cracks in your gutters and downspouts or if shingle granules are present in your gutters. If you find these types of damage, you likely have hail damage McKinney TX. It is important to note that these damages are likely covered by your homeowner’s insurance. You might want to consider calling in a hail damage professional to take a closer look and provide a quote.

Step 4. Invite Hail Damage McKinney TX Specialist to Your Home

Actually, you might even skip step three and call an experienced hail damage McKinney TX restoration specialist to do the roof and home inspection for you, saving you time and the hassle of doing it yourself. If you choose to perform the roof inspection on your own, bring your friend to hold the ladder, wear soft-soled shoes, and don’t go up when it’s raining or the roof is sleek.

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