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A lot of homeowners will eventually need to face a roof replacement or installation, and fence, or gutter repairs. Getting exact estimates of the price can be difficult since falling short, or an overage could mean hundreds of dollars when planning your budget. However, do not worry, ARR Contractors have calculators that are ready to get you an accurate estimate for your repairs.

Our calculators have several advantages

Save your time
You will save your minutes by not solving long and tedious operations. You also do not need to waste time by calling someone and asking about the price. In a couple of minutes, you can do everything by yourself.

Avoid errors
People make mistakes, and computations done via calculators are more accurate to the ones done by humans. When you have accurate numbers from the start, you can cut significant waste when it comes to ordering the materials.

Understand the price
Reports that come from the calculator eliminates the need to question the motivation of the estimator. It will show you exactly what you will be paying for and will show the price change depending on the material and other parameters.

No apps or programs
Our calculators can be opened in any browser, so you do not need to download and install any programs or apps. All you need is your roof, fence, or gutter parameters.

Get an estimate now!

We have three different calculators that you can use to calculate the cost of different aspects of your roof renovation. This allows you to calculate the exact cost of the work and to understand what criteria are used for the calculations.

The roof calculator allows you to get a starting cost for your roofing project. You choose the commercial or private type of the building and put the roof area.

Roofing material for Residential:

Architectural Shingle
HD architectural shingle
Tile Roofing System
Metal Roofing System

Roofing System for Commercial:

EPDM Single-ply Roofing
TPO Single-ply Roofing
Metal Roofing

Estimat starting cost for roofing object:


How to use our roof calculator

The fence calculator calculates the cost of fence installation. It calculates the cost considering types of wood, fence, and post, fence height and lengths, and some other options.

Wood type

White wood

Fence type:

Shadow fence
Board on board

Post type:


Fence height:



Fence estimat starting cost:


How to use our fence calculator

The gutter calculator allows you to estimate the starting cost of installing or rebuilding your gutter system. It takes this into account: gutter type and color, gutter systems and its downspouts, and length of both gutter and downspouts.

Gutters type:

Gutters system:

5 inch
6 inch

Gutters downspouts:

3 inch
4 inch

Gutters Color:

Gutter estimat starting cost:


How to use our gutters calculator

The siding calculator gives you an estimate for your siding replacement. The cost is calculated based on the date you provide: the type of siding, measurements such as the area of the siding, and any extra services you might want to add.

Siding type:

Siding - hardboard
lap pattern - 8"
Fiber cement
lap siding - 8"


Siding estimat starting cost:



How to use our siding calculator

Now you have several tools to start planning your renovation. Do not forget the longer you wait, the worse the damage will be, so dealing with the roof or fence repairs as early as possible will prevent your house from losses caused by leakages.

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