How to Use Our Roof Gutter Calculator Service.

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Try using our roof gutter calculator to get an exact estimate of your new gutters. Here are some instructions on how to use it.

Step 1: Choose the gutters type


The K-Style gutter is the most common type

The K-Style gutter is the most common type. It features a unique shape on the front edge that resembles a modern home’s crown molding. The backside is flat so they are installed to the Fascia Board trim around the top edge of your home. Being flush against the wall ensures that water isn’t able to leak or run down. The bends and folds in the metal provide a rigid structure, making these gutters easily withstand damage.

Pros Cons
Cheapest option available Clogs easy
Easy to install
Rigid construction More prone to corrosion
Can handle more water during heavy rains
Modern look


Half-Round gutters are popular to be used in historic or older style homes

Half-Round gutters are popular to be used in historic or older style homes. They look like a half of a circular pipe with the top half open for water. These gutters are installed a little differently than K-gutters. First, brackets are installed along the roof edge. After that, the Half-Round gutter is dropped into place and secured. The half-circle shape provides several advantages. First, the metal is less likely to corrode or rust because there are no holes where water can leak and stay. Secondly, the debris has a clear path and is less likely to get caught up on something and form a clog.

This is the first section on the left side of our gutters price calculator.

Pros Cons
Rustic look More expensive
Easy to clean Less durable than K-style
Less likely to clog, rust or corrode Handles less water

Step 2: Choose the gutter and downspouts sizes and lengths

The two most common sizes for gutters are 5″ and 6″, with 5″ being the industry standard and the 6″ would be for a slightly higher volume of water. This section can be found under the gutter type section of our gutter price calculator.

Next are sections Gutters downspouts and Gutters Color our gutter price calculator.

The size of the downspouts varies for different styles. K-Style is the standard downspout style used on homes with the 5” K-style gutter system. Available sizes are 2"×3" and 3"×4". Round downspouts are typically used with half-round gutters. They come in various colors and sizes of 3″ and 4″.

Finally, choose the lengths of the gutters and the downspouts.

Step 3: Select a color in our gutter price calculator

We have a lot of colors available so you can find the best one that fits the design of your house. There are 21 colors to choose from!

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