Do You Need Storm Damage Roof Repair

Blogs Do You Need Storm Damage Roof Repair

Texas residents are very familiar with storm weather. Storms can happen any time of the year in Texas but their strength differs. They can significantly damage your roof and home in general. Severe roof storm damage is usually easy to spot. It varies in forms: cracked or missing shingles, dents and holes in siding, shingle granules in gutters, etc. The more severe the storm is, the more obvious the damage is. You might want to inspect your roof after every storm to make sure you get storm damage roof repair in a timely manner. You might want to document the damage. This would be helpful for the storm damage repair contractor you hire.

Common Types of Damage

There are certain signs you should look out for when you look for roof storm damage. Here are some examples of the various common types of damage.

Leaking roof

Roof leaks are the easiest to notice, simply because there is water coming into your house through your roof and ceiling. Inspect your attic or your top floor for wet spots or water dripping from the ceiling. If there are any roof leaks, make sure to call a storm damage repair contractor.

Missing Shingles

This is a common type of roof storm damage. Strong winds, heavy rains, hail can pull off your roof’s shingles, exposing your decking to elements.

Curled Shingles

After a serious storm, you might notice curled shingles at the edges or the corners of your roof, near the chimney, at the ridge, etc. When shingles are curled, they no longer protect your roof from elements and make it susceptible to roof leaks due to the damage to the roof’s integrity.

Loose Shingles

This is not the most obvious sort of damage. You actually should look for it. It might look like loosened nails that lift the shingles. It can potentially break the sealant between each shingle layer, leading to decreasing the protection from roof leaks. This is another form of roof storm damage that requires inspection and repair from an experienced storm damage repair contractor.

No matter what type of damage you experience, when it comes to your roof and the safety of your family, it is important to act quickly. The damage will not get better over time but only worse. Eventually, it will damage your property and belongings and result in more pricey repairs. Don’t wait and call ARR Contractors at (972) 266-6677 today, an experienced contractor in Texas, to schedule a free roof inspection and get storm damage roof repair.