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Installing a fence adds privacy, security, and beauty value to your home. At the same time, a fence is not the cheapest purchase, and it is in your best interest to understand what you are going to pay for.

Use our fence calculator to determine exactly how much you need to pay for your new fence. There are many factors at play but all you need is to enter the following data:

  • Start by deciding what wood type you want to use. We have two options to choose from white wood and cedar. Both of them are an excellent choice because they are long-lasting and contain natural oils that are a deterrent to insects.
  • The next step is to choose the fence type. We offer a shadow fence and board on board. Both of them use two separate vertical rows of boards attached to a horizontal beam. The difference is that a shadowbox fence has certain spots that you can see through, while aboard on board fence is just impenetrable.
  • Decide what post type you want to use. Both of them have their advantages. For example, steel posts will not rot and last longer while wood privacy posts never go out of style and cost cheaper.
  • Put in the height of the fence. You can choose either 6-foot or 8-foot. The classic is 6-foot as it is enough to set up the boundaries, keep animals, and trespassers out and protect your pets and young children. You can also choose an 8-foot fence which is usually used to separate a residential property that adjoins a commercial property.
  • If you want to add some other options, you just need to click on them. We offer staining, kickboard, top trim, top cap, demo, and hauling off the trash.
  • Finally, put the fence length. Just use a long tape measure to determine your total wood fence length or just get length by drawing the perimeter in Google Maps.

After you entered the data, you will see the estimated starting cost of your fence. All you have to do is click the order button and you are all set!

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