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Siding estimate calculator.

Your siding is one of the things people notice first about your home. It creates an important first impression. After a serious storm, you might want to do a quick inspection and see if there is any damage to your siding. It is important to handle the repairs in a timely manner.

Our siding estimate calculator Dallas will give you an cost for your siding repairs. Here is the guide on how to use it.

Step 1: Choose the Type of Siding.

We offer our customers two types of siding: hardboard lap pattern and fiber cement lap. This is the first section on the left side of our siding estimate calculator dallas.

Hardboard siding
Hardboard siding is made from a mixture of wood fibers, glues, and resins, that are bound together using heat and pressure. It has its own pros and cons. The advantage of hardboard siding is its relatively low cost. However, it has one major disadvantage that outweighs its cost. Hardboard siding is very susceptible to damage and if not kept meticulously painted and caulked, it can start to capture moisture and become swelled, softened, and will deteriorate.

Fiber Cement Siding
Fiber cement siding is an amalgam of cement, sand, and cellulose. It makes your house look masonry at a relatively lower cost, which can be comparable to vinyl. Compared to hardboard siding, fiber cement siding has become a popular siding choice because of its low-maintenance, fire- and termite-resistant characteristics.

Step 2: Choose Additional Features.

We offer some extra features for our customers. Consider your options and choose which one you like to add. This section can be found under the Siding type section of siding estimate calculator dallas.

Siding trim - trim boards are a decorative element that can be added to your home to add a break between siding and other elements of the exterior such as doors and windows.

Seal and paint wood siding - wood siding usually comes unpainted, having a neutral “wood” color. Would you like us to paint it or do it on your own?

Paint trim - Would you like your trim painted the same color as the siding?

Paint trim a different color - Would you like your trim colored a different color than the siding?

Step 3: Specify the Measurements.

You will need to take measurements of your house siding area. To do so, multiply the length of your wall by the perimeter of your home. You will also need to enter the length of your trim boards. Trim boards usually come around the walls and windows.This section is located on the right side of our siding estimate calculator dallas.

Step 4: Receive the Estimate!

ARR Contractors is happy to assist you in every step of the process. Feel free to reach us at (972) 266-6677 to get a consultation with our professionals.

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