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Any construction on your property needs proper preparation and planning. When you are replacing a fence, it’s important to plan your budget. Many construction companies provide a fence estimate calculator on their website so you can use it for your convenience. You just need to choose the wood type, the fence type, height and length, add extra options and the fence calculator will show you your estimate. In this article, we will give you some tidbits that will help you choose the wood type and fence type.

Cedar vs White Wood

Cedar is the best option in wood fencing. The price for a cedar fence starts at $24 in our fence price calculator. Its reddish-brown color gives it a warm appeal. The physical characteristics of the material make it a popular option for a privacy fence. Cedar tends to be quite resistant to warping, naturally handles weathers, insects, and decay extremely well. Although initially higher in fence estimate calculator than lower-end white wood fencing, a cedar fence can keep up to twice as long and require less maintenance, which makes it a better overall value.

Additional options in the fence price calculator

There are some options to increase the overall appearance and longevity of your new cedar fence. For instance, upgrading to steel posts eliminates the need to replace posts that decay at ground level. Our fence calculator allows you to calculate the estimate for cedar fencing with metal posts. Other aesthetic options, like top trim, give room to creativity and can personalize or enhance the beauty of your new fence.

Life expectancy

Cedar is an excellent outdoor wood. In most conditions, it lasts from 16 to 20 years with white wood fencing lasting a bit shorter - 13 to 15 years. Cedar will eventually turn gray from exposure to the sunlight if left unprotected.

Shadow Box Fence vs Board on Board

Our fence estimate calculator asks you to determine what type of fence you want - shadow box or board on board. Sometimes it might be hard to distinguish between the two types. Shadowbox fences sometimes are mistakenly referred to as board on board fences. But the difference is that a board on board fence has overlapping pickets attached to the same side of the fence and unlike a shadow box, there will be no gaps. A board on board fence is more visually appealing than a plain one but does not allow airflow like a shadowbox fence.

There are pros and cons for each type of fencing. We hope that this article and our fence price calculator will help you to identify the best option for your fencing.