How Does The Process of Water Damage Restoration Look Like?

Blogs How Does The Process of Water Damage Restoration Look Like?

After the emergency services are performed, it is time for water damage restoration. It is obvious that you want to get back to your home and restore your home to its initial condition as soon as possible. As soon as you know it is safe to enter your home, you can begin water damage restoration near me.

1. Food and Water Sanitation

Until you get the official announcement from your local water company, utility, or public health department stating that your water source is safe, you should purify your water, not only for drinking and cooking but also for washing the dishes and your personal hygiene.

2. Furnishings and Carpets

You might want to move all furniture, bedding, and carpeting outdoors to dry. As part of water damage restoration near me, all damaged carpets and rugs are best replaced since floodwater may be contaminated. Dry the carpet and subfloor thoroughly as quickly as possible or the mildew might appear. You may want to hire a professional water damage restoration company to clean your carpets and rugs. After cleaning and drying, your carpet might shrink, but a professional may be able to stretch it. Typically, all your upholstered furniture and mattresses affected by flood water should be replaced, while your plastic and metal possessions can be cleaned and restored. Hose off any mud and dirt, clean, sanitize and let dry in the open air.

3. Walls

Even if your walls look fine and undamaged, they also need some procedures of water damage restoration near me to prevent mold, odor, and structural decay later. You should remove water from the structure and ventilate it as quickly as possible. Discard flooded drywall and all wet fibrous insulation. Professional water damage restoration companies use dehumidifiers and fans for speed dry. Leave walls open until they have thoroughly dried.

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In the next articles, we will talk about floor water damage restoration which usually is a very complex and long process. Do you think you need water damage restoration near me? Call ARR Contractors today to schedule immediate repair and prevent further damage! Remember, when it comes to water damage restoration, you should act fast